Batumi - is a pearl of the Black Sea Coast. It is situated in the south-east part and is a major tourist resort. It was first mentioned in the sources of the 4th century by a Greek philosopher Aristotle, a Roman writer Pliny the Elder (B.C. 123-97 years) and a Greek geographer Ariane (B.C. 195-175 years). 'Tabula Pevtanberena'(II century), one of the world's oldest maps, gives the information about a small settlement and a river named 'Batusi'. The town was built on the ruins of King Tamar's castle and its ancient name was 'Batomi'.

Batumi is located 350 km away from Tbilisi, 15 km away from the Turkish border, on the Black Sea Coast. It is an attractive city and popular resort for those who love the sea, the sun, rest and recovery. The squares and the streets are designed with the exotic plants: various strains of palms, bamboos, eucalyptuses, magnolias, laurels and camellias. In Batumi there are lots of tangerine, orange, kiwi, feijoa gardens, that give wonderful, unforgettable fragrance to the city. In the north of the city there is a unique centuries-old botanical garden, which is rich in rare tropical and subtropical plants, incredible flowers, aquatic plants and an incomparable collection of citruses. The rare and unique relief and the diversity of plants of the botanical garden leave viewers amazed. The subtropical, warm and humid climate and the average summer temperature (+ 26 to +28 degrees) make it possible to combine rest and recovery.

In Batumi there is the largest, beautiful and comfortable park of the Black Sea Coast where there are all conditions of entertainment and recreation for tourists of all ages - colorful musical fountains, tennis courts, stadiums, attractions, summer cafes and bars. Batumi is a climatic, health and spa resort of the Black Sea Coast.

The main healing factors are the sea water, the temperature of which is +25 degrees in summer, the sun baths and the subtropical climate that gives amazing recreational properties to the air. The optimal level of air ionization promotes a cure of many chronic diseases. It heals bone and joint, endocrine, gland, skin, central nervous system diseases, chronic malaria, rachitis, obesity etc.

In Batumi ultra-modern hotels, restaurants, cafes, places for rest have been built, where tourists can get gastronomic therapy (tasty and useful food), wine therapy (treatment with wine) and psychotherapy. The therapy got from the esthetic pleasure is important for treating chronic fatigue, stress and tension.

There are world-class standard clinics of plastic surgery, dentistry, spa and wellness centers in the city. It is very important for tourists to get the procedures of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and recovery during their rest. In the north, five kilometers away from Batumi is a seaside, balneological resort Makhinjauri, which is famous for its sulfur baths and medical beaches. The main healing factor is heliotherapy. Sulfur baths are used to cure joint, the peripheral nervous system, gynecological and various skin diseases more...