Borjomi _ Georgian brand, is the best mineral water in the world, unique for its healing, balneological and climatic reasons. Its market covers the whole world from the White House to Tokyo.

Borjomi is surrounded by the mountains covered with the coniferous forests. It's situated 800-900 meters above sea level. Borjomi mineral water is used to treat bowel, hepatic and biliary duct, metabolic, pancreas and urinary system diseases, gastritis, ulcer diseases, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, colecistitis, hepatitis, obesity, cystitis, urethritis, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.

Borjomi mineral water has twenty centuries old history. As a result of archaeological excavations several wooden and stone pools and bathrooms have been discovered. Borjomi became a balneological resort at the beginning of the nineteenth century when the Russian soldiers found a spring coming out vertically near the river bank and took the warm spring water to their group commander, who was suffering from a stomach disease. Everyone was amazed by the result as the commander completely recovered in a few days.

Amazing properties of Borjomi mineral water became the main topic of the discussion in Russia. That's what encouraged a beautiful eighteen year-old-daughter of Caucasus governor Golovini to arrive in Borjomi and be treated with the water. Following her recovery, uniqueness of the mineral water and the climate of the Borjomi Gorge gained worldwide recognition. This place was frequently visited by the imperial family members of Russia.

Its popularity grew year after year. There were built new palaces, squares, gardens and hotels, unique bridges, designed by the world-renowned architect who also designed the Eifel Tower, that still serve the resort. Borjomi became a summer residence of the Romanov royal dynasty. Their palace was built in the huge park decorated with the rare plants brought from all over the world. It is in a perfect condition even now and is always full of tourists. At that time there were discovered hot sulfur springs, which are still used for medical baths. The unique natural wealth of Borjomi encouraged lots of tourists nearly from all over the world to arrive here for treatment. Iran's consul built the marvelous blue palace 'Firuza' (turquoise) decorated with the rock crystal and mirrors near the Borjomi Park for one of his beautiful wives. There are only three similar buildings in the world and it is considered to be a unique historical monument.

In 2005, Georgia nominated Borjomi, along with Tbilisi and Bakuriani, for a candidate city to host Winter Olympic Games 2014. In order to preserve the unique nature, flora and fauna the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park has been created. more...