Diagnostics, Treatment and Rehabilitationat Medical Clinics

GMTour-company offers the list of those clinics, where you can get the highest medical care - diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation in the following directions:

The company provides:

Medical examination, diagnostics, treatment, operation planning, choosing an appropriate clinic and a doctor according to your wish

The company offers:

  1. Online consultation with a doctor, organizing a visit
  2. Compiling the full documentation package, making agreements, translation
  3. Planning and organizing diagnostics, treatment, surgery or other medical services
  4. Optimal route selection and booking air-tickets
  5. Transfer
  6. Choosing the level of comfort and reservation of hotels, apartments, flats
  7. Interpreter (if needed)
  8. Transport services
  9. An assistant (a nurse)
  10. A mobile-phone during the treatment
  11. Special services for disabled people
  12. VIP-class service
  13. Organizing a rehabilitation or recreation tour
  14. Confidentiality of information
  15. Organizing excursions and cultural programs
  16. Arrangement of the current issues
In Georgia, you will get an exclusive package of individual service which will be selected according to your wish

If you want to come to Georgia to get medical treatment, please send scanned medical documents (in English, Russian or German) by e-mail, describe the symptoms of the disease, the current state, the used treatment methods, the used medicines, enclose the relevant research results, the probable or final diagnosis etc.

Our timely and quality assistance depends on the information given by you

On the basis of the received documentation a specialized medical institution will determine the possibility of the treatment to the disease in Georgia in no time.  Once we get the estimation from the doctor we will inform you about your treatment program. In other special cases, depending on the specifics of your disease, if you are agreeable, it will be possible to hold the non-attending consultation in Georgia about the appropriateness of the treatment.
The treatment period and the date of the tour will be determined on the basis of the agreement and you will be informed about the cost of the full service package

Fill in the application form and send it by e-mail or contact our Representative offices. We learn the content of the application and the company's specialists will contact you to agree about the following steps

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